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Originally Posted by tony9193
One possibility is that you added water to the salt. That is to say, you put the salt into the bucket and then add water. I use to do it this way and usually it becomes cloudy/chalky. However, it normally clears up in about 24-48 hours. Note - This mix is still in the bucket, I did not add this cloudy mix into the tank.

Anyway, advice given from the more experience guys are to add salt to the water, i.e. fill the bucket with water and then add the salt. I'm now using this method and no more worries about cloudy water!

I guess the logic of doing it this way is to slowly bring the concentration up so that the calcium does not percipitate out of the solution. In the older way (add water to salt), we are starting with a high concentration (a lot of salt with little water) and brining it down with the addition of more water.

Hope that makes sense.
actually i add salt to water n i leave it for 48hrs, it gets beta but still cloudy.. i din put and filter in yet, which means onli water n salt tts all.. if i put in the filter will it be beta?
1 of the uncle told mi to buy coral chips n sea sand frm him, he say is a muz for marine fish.. but i keepin grouper so dunoe the coral chips is it a must? n how coral chips n sae sand help in marine water?
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