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Originally Posted by Ariel
Actually according to instruction manual there is ACO9902, which came with the ozone generator bro Bonjour2 ordered. I dont know why u r so sure there is no such product, care to share?
I also check the ACO9902 box, but there is no indication of any "ozone safe"?
Bro Ariel , wat Bara meant is that aquarium air pumps do not take into consideration " Ozone Safe" feature, ie , no consideration of using ozone safe parts in its prodn . The instruction manual says the Ozone generator must be used in conjunction with the ACO9902 as according to Hailea the air pump rate fits this ozone unit best .

Like Bara, i am very confident to say that no air pumps in the aquarium industry will certify their pump " Ozone Safe" since there is not a need in the first place.
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