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Originally Posted by neokn
Hi Ken,

After so many review on ozonizer of different brands. I really hope to see a comparison chart soon something like those for the computer hardware. Then we can have a showdown of all the brands.

Cheers. A review well done. Keep up the good work.

:OFF TOPIC: Really hope that I can catch up with you more during the AquaRama 2005 but I'm with a friend so I couldn't stay and chat. So when is the next ba chow mee session?
It is not necessary to have a product comparison as all ozone generators are identical and perform the same tasks as long as there is no ozone leakage.

For ba chow mee .. anytime.

Originally Posted by wlchew
Ken, please update the progress in 10-days time .
(I will only install it this weekend due to suddenly "heavy" work-load and I am oversea by the time you read this msg )
Will definitely update everyone on the progress ..... and you have a pleasant and safe trip.
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