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Cool shots bro lucas! the first pic of the suckerfish gave me a scare haha

Yea bro Ocellatus you are getting the hang of it

Just to clarify something, brighter SUBJECT means you can use a faster shutter speed. take note it has to be the subject or else the picture won't turn out well (subject would look darker).

if your background is bright, the camera will take into account its brightness and choose a shutter that tries to expose background and subject properly, resulting in an "in between" exposure. in this case, your subject will look dark right? so you need to compensate exposure to..+1 or more (depending). which means the shutter will open longer (to allow more light in), which also means your subject will be properly exposed.

to show you what i mean:

the background is much brighter than the fish. so i had to +2/3 exposure in this case. as a result, the fish will appear properly exposed, and the background brighter than normal (its pale green in colour)
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