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Originally Posted by kagemaru
actually the school of tot tat u mentioned is where I originated...but the fact is sunlight is something which the aro is able to escape...

by default reds do not like sunlight...u could probably see them at the bottom of the pond or near the edges where they could find shelters

by putting them in a tank and tan them we are forcing them to take the "light" --> just like asking someone who dun like running to keep running because his hands are tied to the back of the truck

later I paste something of essence to the way light is deciphered in terms of aquarium for us to discuss upon
ok let's say in a tank they are unable to hide and henceforth are subjected to compulsory tanning ... but this tanning has 95% of its UV wavelength being filtered out .... however, in an outdoor pond, subject to natural sunlight, the UV rays are direct and intense, w/o the glass blockage and henceforth, no filtering of the UV rays, so even if they hide, how much can they hide ?? cos UV rays penetrate thru water easily
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