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Originally Posted by Vil
after feed market prawn if ur aro chew and spit and chew, water sure cloudy and smelly and bubbles stay very long.... u think water is good? its another way of looking at it
rays are one of the biggest bioload...mine tanks are all designed to handled them...hence should not be a problem with just aros...but Bro liquidnoise type of IOS filtration is too little to handle

he might need to cultivate pandan leaves in one of the compartment of the IOS liao,...if not relink outlet of IOS to a OHF stackable and double the filtration...its not gonna work even if u gonna change all the media inside the compartment --> its simply insufficient to cope

45% wc is dangerous --> for the rays and the aros both...u only need one case of chlorine burnt to take all of them to meet O'mighty (joking)