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Originally Posted by liquidnoise
no lah no hai.
Recently I revamp my IOS. manage to get pH about 7.6~7.8 maintain
I did about 45% WC also damp in alot of anti-chlorine.
I notice that there are bubblies more then normal. I know more alcoline water can happen also like wat u have mention. But the additional is just CC. maybe a little too much anti-chlorine.
My water surface bubblies but no oil residue.
tested water okay leh. wat does it mean
2 things:

Firstly u just revamped the IOS...bacteria will be lost or insufficient to perform at its best

Secondly having alot of anti-chlorine doesnt mean no chloramine...most of the products on the shelf is not able to remove chloramines...and tats wat is added to our NEWATER

water surface bubbles need not show "oiliness" its just an illustration