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Default I cooked my own fishes

Before I start my story, I would like to warn all hobbyist against buying 2nd hand / used tank heaters. Becos of this, all fishes in my 4ft tank were wiped out.

Live stocks :
- 3 x 18" SDF full cross XB
- 1 x 14" 24/7 Stable Clean 3bar IT

Here it goes:
Recently I bought two 300W tank heaters to standby for my tank. Never used heaters in my entire time of fish keeping. Have always read in forum bout setting heaters to 30 or 32 degrees together with medication will heal fishes with certain sickness effectively. Therefore decided to buy n standby. Soon after, due to some coincident, I have traded for n taken over a piece of very nice 3bar clean IT with a bro. However this IT has swollen eyes on one side fully clouded. Started with only mild salt n yellow powder treatment, the improvement is not significant after 1 week. I decided to try the heater together with epson salt. This morning, I put in the heater, set to 30degrees, put in 500g of Petfran Epsom salt n left home for work. When I reached home, I noticed all my fishes inside were floating lifelessly. First thing that came to my mind was to feel the tank. As to my expectation, the tank felt hot. I quickly climb over n put my hand into the water. Indeed the water was hot. This concludes tat the heater was spoilt n heats up to a temperature that eventually killed my fishes.

I cooked my own fishes for the first time!!!

Look at how they are swimming before it all happens.

YouTube Video
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