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Default Arowana Fanatics Club &

AFC - The Club is a separate entity from

As a club, it belongs to all the participating members and it has to abide by the constitution as submitted to the Registry of Societies. Funds are managed by an appointed treasurer with two signatories out of the 3 office bearers of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Each year, in an AGM, the ordinary members will vote for the new committee to run for the year. No office bearers are there forever. In the event that the office bearers are inefficient or there are better candidates, members can easily vote for their preferred office bearers. Incumbent office bearers may decide to step down as well. All funds and club documents will have to be handed over in a proper manner. is privately owned and will remain privately owned. However, we undertake to give our fullest support as the online media for The Club. We give our assurance that as long as we are in existence and the elected committee of The Club would still like to be the online media, we will support The Club in all its endeavours.

I trust this clarifies the position of both entities.
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