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Originally Posted by CheckerBox View Post
It's common mistake by lfs to mislabel the fishes they selling. Anyway, most impt is you love the fish. That's all it matter. All the best in angel keeping.

Cheers! 😊👍
Thanks bro! Yep, we love the Angels as much as the Discus .

Originally Posted by Brichardi View Post
Depends on where u staying bud. If u search on daphnia or 'live' boon in AF, you may find a thread/s on whereabout to get 'live' boon. As far as I know...ST farms, Y618, Pasir Ris farms, CCK, Serangoon, etc should still sell 'live' boon. 'Live' boon is ideal as the fries NEVER will die from overeating or indigestion, but take note NOT to feed way too much than they can consume within 30 mins. Feed regularly/frequently.
Wow. That a great deal of important info for me. Thank you very much for sharing!
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