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2) 3 x white pvc pipes - S$2
6inches length x 2inches diameter
(refer to pic1 & pic2)
** Not for fussy buyers.

3) epsom salt 375g - S$3
brand new from LFS
(refer to pic)

4) red sea marine salt 333g - S$3
brand new from LFS
(refer to pic)

5) OHF outlet elbow - S$1
(refer to pic)

6) air diffuser - S$2
connect to canister outlet for air flow.
(refer to pic)

10) eden 316 internal filter - S$8
condition: tested yesterday and working perfectly. Enough space to store 4 biohomes
flowrate is REALLY very slow. IMO enough for 1ft tank or below. Maybe for a nano planted setup will be just nice.
(refer to pic1 & pic2)
** Not for fussy buyers.

12) driftwood - S$4
a random piece of dw..
dimension ~5" x 11"
need to scrub it clean before use as now it very dirty and dusty.
(refer to pic1, pic 2 & pic 3)
** Not for fussy buyers.

13) misc accessories - S$3
some elbow joints, airtube connectors, airtube regulators, spare/misc parts from powerhead, suction pads, airtube holders..etc
(refer to pic)

14) fish net - FOC
5" x 4"
just a random piece of fish net.

Collection place = AMK BLK 511 void deck
Collection time = weekdays late night after 11pm, weekend or other timing can be arranged. ( this weekend schedule - April 18 Saturday 11pm to 1am and April 19 Sunday 1130am to 5pm )

Interested and/or have any questions, please PM me.
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