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Originally Posted by Xx{-_-}xX View Post
Hi frens,

New to angels.. could any one help identify the black angels please.

Bought these 2 from lfs, looked normal black angels about $10.

The very next day.. both struck with Ick.. infected the entire tank. The whole tank infected with slime and Ick for 3 weeks. Cause me so much of heartache😥

After lots of medications after 3 weeks.. its the 2nd day to recovery.. for the whole tank (No loss of fishes). Thus the body marks after Ick attack. Now slowly all finnage growing back. Probably will take another 2 or 3 weeks till they look presentable.

Ist thing.. 1st time i realised.. these 2 entire body is shiny bluish or greenish.. apart from the head area. Can see from pics attached at certain angle (pics dun do justice of the pic).

Only when taking pic or fish swim to specific lighted areas .. the fishes real colour could be seen. Using only a single normal t5 blub which is bright to illuminate the whole tank.

But looking at the tank, the fishes look without colour (especially the manas 🤦*♂️). Now i know there are some colours there or they are still recovering thus no colour.

2nd thing: I think need to invest in a led light to view them properly. Any reccomendations pls? Its a 6ft tank & no plants.

Thanks in advance.


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So these are.. called Green Angels... 🥰

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