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Originally Posted by AroSam View Post
Are you sure? Because the ingredients for both are the same accept for the color enhancing for AR-G2. I remember reading somewhere that you mentioned that the AR-G2 is a replacement for AR-G1.
Hi Bro,

Thanks a lot for your reply. What you have noticed is correct, AG-G1 is purely for growth when we first introduced this feed. After we received feedback from all the kind hobbyist, checking with us whether will we consider to develop a feed that is also help in color enhancement. That's when we decided to develop AR-G2 that also helps in color enhancement without compromising the growth of the Arowana.

Theoretically we can say that AR-G2 is to replace AR-G1 since it has additional benefit in color enhancement, but we have to understand that there is a price different between this 2 types. Therefore, we did not phase out AR-G1 but continue to produce it as there is also demand from hobbyist. Hope this explanation clears your doubt and apologized that the previous post might be misleading in our explanation.

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