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Default Stepping down of AFC Presidency

To all AFC members past and present

As was informed during the last AFC AGM held on 8 April 2017. I will be stepping down as AFC President.
As the current membership of members is until end August 2017, I will remain as President until then.

I call upon anyone who might step up to take over the role of AFC President from Sept 2017.

The club is in good financial position and I will guide any potential President to all the process of running the club administration matters.

The new President would need to secure his team of committee appointment holders of Secretary and Treasurer at minimum.

Upon end June 2017. If no one steps up to take over as President of AFC. I will call for an EOGM to discuss the dissolution of AFC and
the disbursement of the funds whereby AFC will aim to cease registration as official club with the Registry of Society by end August 2017.

For anyone who might be keen to take up this challenge. Kindly PM me by end of June 2017.

I thank you all for your support to AFC since its inception in 2009.

Marcius Yew
President AFC

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