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My favorite fish until the end of time. thanks for sharing.
Thanks Bro.
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Smashing! It has really grown! Wats its diet?
Thanks, he certainly has! I feed snowy everyday when I get home from work. I feed plec waffers, cichlid pellets, catfish pellets, koi pellets, small frozen silvesides, market shrimp, river shrimp, cut fish peices, beef heart and anything else I can get my hands on.
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The holes I think is a norm for all lungfish?

Looks a tad similiar to those you'll find on an Electic eel
Yes, I think it is normal too. Thanks!
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in SG got money also cannot find..
Snowy is still the only white Aussy lungfish in a private keepers hands. There are 5 other aussy lungfish being held at the breeder, but they are orange and are from different parents.
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