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Thanks for all the compliments guys!

Originally Posted by Edmundo View Post
Are those pores sensory organ?
I have no idea.
Originally Posted by Mark Huveneers View Post
I don't like the pics!
I love them , awesome animal. It has grown alot, nice tank by the way. Would it be possible to get a full tank shot?
Yes he certainly has. I will see what I can do.
Originally Posted by laodie View Post
amazing fish, and pics taken were amazing also! thanks david!
Thanks Bro.
Originally Posted by qwertivity View Post
more pics of my ultimate dream fish! even at 32", it still looks as cute as it was in its first few pictures.

absolutely stunning.
Thanks Bro.
Originally Posted by lincolngoh View Post
I love Snowy... but those holes got me worried...those are not parasitic hole right?
They are not parasitic holes, he has had them since I got him, they have just become more pronounced as he has got older. I would love to know what they are?
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