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Originally Posted by Lawrence Loh View Post
wow...really envy u to hv a outdoor areas for fish.....remind me of those kampung days....where i use to hv lot of selfmade cemented wc headache...seldom feed...lack of care...but all type of fishes r healthy n happy....
My outdoor = my corridor
2 x 2ft tanks
1 = albino red
1 = tiger endlers

no WC, feeding once everyday with tetra bits. I can see the difference of the Color in indoor and outdoor. Hmmm... the albino red colors are more intense.

Originally Posted by KeeHuat View Post
The cats are very happy because plenty of fish to eat, you will find you have less and less fish left in the tanks.
I got 3 cats at home. But they not interested in the fishes swimming whether indoor or outdoor
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