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1. Aroflim - I kept guppies in cool and quiet place. In Singapore, I was not worry about guppies catching cold. They were more likely to fall sick when tank water temperature rised from the long period of exposure to afternoon sun. But I found that at cool place and lack of light, ph would go down. Ideal location for me was cool with some morning sunlight.

Water care

1. Lawrence - My water condition is very simple. 3 teaspoonful of aquarium salt and 1 capfull of Nutrafin water conditioner for 45L of water. Aged it with air pump for min of 5 days. For filtration, i used sponge and bottom filter. I always maintained the water in tip top conditioned i.e about 4 times daily siphoning out of waste and siphoning out of unfinshed food before light off. As you know, waste and left over food will bring up ammonia level thus causing water poisoning. Just need to top up with conditioned aged water by the end of week. 100% WC by the 3rd week. Just to add, 100% change when water is cloudy or signs of sick fish. Note: Guppy can be with/without salt. It's up to individual preferrence.

Males selection

Females selection

Delivery Ward preparation

1. Aroflim - I put pregnant female in round plastic tub filled with lot of floating plants and closed with a lid to prevent her from jumping out. Cut a big hole at the center of the lid for ease of feeding (she wont jump through the hole). She took about one or two days to settle down. I put the round tub next to the guppy tank so she could see other fish. Being alone was scarely I supposed. She was unlikely to jump in a round tub as she could go round.

Fry care (learned from Prof Lawrence, pls correct of wrong)
- Not advisable to mix different broods together
- Food can be daphnia and tubifex

Pumping your guppy and fry

Food nutritions


Treatments for sick guppies

Interesting Theory

1. Long Kang theory - Guppies live in long kang, and long kang water flows non-stop, it is like having 100% water change at all time. This supports why Angelo does 100% water change daily. (This theory was shared by Angelo).

2. Pregnant females kept in higher ph water will drop more male fry.
Aroflim - I tried and was convinced. I kept ph in the range of 7.5 to 8. I used coral chip or exposed the tank/tub to partial sunlight to raise ph.
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