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Lawrence Loh
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Water care.
I believe alot of ppl are very particular on the water perimeter issue. Fully equip with PH checker, PH up and PH down solution. All sorts of medication.
I had been doing that also when i just started off with guppy. However, i had stop all these things 5 yrs ago.

My water condition is very simple. 3 teaspoonful of aquarium salt and 1 capfull of Nutrafin water conditioner for 45L of water. Aged it with air pump for min of 5 days. For filtration, i used sponge and bottom filter.

I always maintained the water in tip top conditioned i.e about 4 times daily siphoning out of waste and siphoning out of unfinshed food before light off. As you know, waste and left over food will bring up ammonia level thus causing water poisoning.

Just need to top up with conditioned aged water by the end of week.

100% WC by the 3rd week.

Note: Guppy can be with/without salt. It's up to indivual preferrence.

very tire be continue...
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