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Default Guidelines governing usage of Gallery

There's been so many infringements on our Gallery Guidelines that I think some may not be aware that there are actually some guidelines when you upload pics on to our gallery. Click the gallery and browse thru it. What do you actually make of a gallery in an aquatic website that have pictures of handphones, electrical appliances, bicycles, your holiday pics, cameras, even tarantulas and many other illegal pets and pornography. There are a host of websites that offers free loading of pics like yahoo, imageshack, photobucket etc. You need only to google to get these webbies. AF has limited server space, so please do your part. From the start, we have been very easy with posting and uploading privileges accorded to members and trust that our members here will not abuse it. I am posting these gallery guidelines here so that no one can have any more excuse that they do not know. Offenders will have their rep points deducted and recalcitrant offenders will have their gallery privileges removed. So please adhere to the guidelines.

Please upload your pics appropriately in their respective galleries as stated.

Category Types of pictures allowed

Arowana Gallery - pics showing Arowanas Only
Misc Aquatic Gallery - pics showing all other varieties of fishes
Tanks & Equipment Gallery - pics showing tanks and aquatic-related items
Arowana Diseases Gallery - showing arowana diseases, illness or operations
Arowana Food Gallery - showing arowana food
Submission for showcase - Pics of Arowanas participating in the current monthly showcase Only

What is not allowed?

1. Non-aquatic pics are strictly not allowed. They will be removed accordingly.(personal pics, cars, dogs, cats, snakes, hamsters, comic books, Non-aquatic travel pics, reptiles etc)
2. Galleries that has one or more pictures that did not follow the guidelines will be removed (remove these and you can put the gallery to public again)
3. If the animal is deemed to be illegal (all kinds of tortoise/turtle except for the red ear slider. Reptiles, salamanders ,frogs etc that are not allowed by AVA will be removed.
4. Images that was partially uploaded/incomplete/offensive/not suitable for children will be removed.
5. Complaints from other members that gallery is not suitable to be posted publicly will also be removed.
6. Porno pics will be deleted and gallery rights removed immediately.

Where should i put my pics?

1. Please see "Category Types of pictures allowed" above
2. Arowana Gallery: The folder thumbnail should show pictures of Arowana(s) or it will be moved to the Misc Aquatic Gallery
3. Gathering of Aquatic hobbyists pics - should be placed in the Misc Gallery
4. Farms and LFS Visits pics
i. Arowana-related - In Arowana Gallery
ii. Others - In Misc Gallery
5. Aquatic articles / diagrams should be posted in the Misc or Tank Setup gallery.
6. For types not mentioned here, it will be at the discretion of the gallery mod.

Guidelines / Rules

1. Gallery moderators have the right to move/hide/remove members' galleries that do not adhere to any of the guidelines stated above. Offenders will be issued a warning & rep points deducted.
2. Repeat offenders will have their gallery access restricted.
3. Periodic checks will be made by gallery mods to check 'old' galleries to ensure guidelines are followed and can be removed if found to be abused.
4. Periodic checks will be made by administrators to check 'private' galleries to ensure guidelines are followed and can be removed if found to be abused.
5. Thumbnails should reflect the 'theme' of the gallery and the section.
6. It will be at the discretion of the gallery moderator to take action on any gallery infringements, even if it is not explicitly stated here.
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