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Default Guidelines: Please review this thread before posting in this forum

These are the guidelines and what we will do to keep the forum neat, please try your best to comply with them.

1. Threads in which the topic is not on arowana will be deleted. Chat threads will also be deleted. Any threads that consists of 30% of idle chat will be considered as chat threads regardless of the thread title. The forum mod will hv to gauge this 30%. It is very tedious to single remove individual idle chat postings. Mods will hv the perogative to consider this option but I dun expect them to tie themselves down to doing this tedious work. We do allow some idle chat but not pages and pages of them. If u want to do that, please do it at Chat Forum.

2. Pls dun start a thread on where to buy/find or to look for certain services from LFS/farms/ other hobblysts. If u want to buy/sell or looking for certain services, then post at buy/sell. If u want to know the current price of aros, pls post there too. The aro lfs are always the same few.

3. Please dun use this forum to "update" ur fish that u r posting to sell. Keep this forum relevant and dun use this for indirect advertising. Any offers to buy or sell, pls use the pm function.

4. Please dun start a thread coercing members to go to another website/lfs or to have every of your posts indicating same. We do appreciate sharing but if this "sharing" is on every one of your post, we consider them spam. Pls do not spam others pm to ask them to go elsewhere too. We take this as a hostile act against us and will put you under moderation mode.

5. For updates/pics of your aros, please post at the Arowana Showcase Section.

These are what you can do to make this forum more informative and trim.

Before you start a thread or post anything, ask yourself these questions

1. Is this the correct forum to start this thread ? meaning it is not a cichlid, a guppy, a betta or any species other than arowanas.This section is dedicated solely for arowanas only.

2. Has this topic/question been posted before ? Especially if it's been posted recently ? Some of our members have been here for so long and keep seeing the same questions being asked. It's just so repetitive that you will not get any response to your topic. A readup on what's been posted before will be more fruitful.

3. Is there an existing thread on the same topic ? If there is, please post at an existing thread instead of starting a new thread.

4. If you have a question, give more information like what you have done and what your observations are. This will help other members to help you better. A question like " why my aro don't eat " is much too vague and it could have a thousand reasons from being sick to stress to new environment.

5. If you have an opinion or a comment to pass , make sure they are not hurtful and state your reasons. There is no remedy if you post " your aro looks like shit, no offence ". Surely there is better tact in putting these comments across.

6. If you want to post something that is directed to only a single individual, please use the PM function. Keep those " you have pm " posts out. These are superfluous.
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