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Originally Posted by BlueC View Post
My wife talked to Baby many times.
Tell her it is alright, she can leave us anytime.

Last Sunday, I purposely brought her outside for a bit of sunshine.
When I called her name, she gave me a weak "meow".
I thought is my mind playing trick and call again. She "meow" again.
I heard liao very kam tong. That moment, I feel glad I never put her to sleep.
She never give any response for a long long time.
Is she getting better? Or telling me bye bye?

Let her outside the gate, she walked around 30 meters and hide inside a hole(people discard unwanted wooden structure). When she was well, she never dare to walk even 2 meters outside the gate.
Saw from Animal channels on TV, lions or tiger when they get very sick, they will leave their group. Go to a quiet area and die.
yes.. she is preparing to leave you soon.. they never want you to see them passed
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