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Originally Posted by bloodlamb
But then sea water consists of alot more than sodium and chloride ions. Very significant amount of Mg/Ca also exists.
bro, we r talking abt sodium and chloride ions in particular with respect to the parameters concerned , and as far as the intended measurements this units are concerned.
Meaningless to bring in the discussions of CA/MG since the tester phase other ions as far as its purpose is concerned. ( this world is full of assumptions) .
Yr qns is tantamount to asking someone who use a refractometer , " but then light itself between sunlight and indoor light contains different spectrum. "
Perhaps it might be fruitful if you post that qns to JBJ Lighting and revert in this forum their answer to you, guess they have the expertise to answer such a profound qns.
Off topic but r u pursuing some courses in Sociology or social science? Cos at least one of my frd who does his Masters in Socio from US question me like how you does here till all jaw drop
A very interesting member in Aro who keep us thinking .Cheers
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