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well I also keep before .
they are pretty fragile. but smart.

they are smell-less generally w good upkeeping.
urine bowl clear every 1-2 days. poo u can clear it... so not really smell.
likely the hay smell is stronger .

they need sand bath about every alternate day. or at least worst case once a week min.

u will need a huge cage for it to jump and run around. huge as in at least if u can get a metre tall cage
a big abv 35cm wheel to run if u dun intend to make the room for it.

hay unlimited and pellets about 1-2 soup spoon daily
sweet treats can once or twice a week max. they can live without ...
but its a good tool to make them learn tricks.

AC is good ... but at least a fan 24/7 and out of sunlight room....
hot months literally on ac thruout the day. when u feel hot , they will too and worst.

ur most problem is not just fur they shed, althought u need to comb them urself. the dust from the bathes. and ur room will be sandy. its normal unless u mop every other day.

they are cute and fun and will learn tricks when taught well.
they will only close to u after like a few mths as they are more scare than u ... need patience.

if u family is allergic to dust , is a not so good ideal.

u can go FB find "Singapore Chinchilla Lovers" group and join to ask more.
a lot of experience pple ard and they are friendly.
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