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Default How To Post Pictures Using Photobucket

Was looking through the forum, and thought it'll be good to have step by step guide for photo posting.

Using photobucket to store and display your pics will help reduce the usage on AF's server space, and it's more or less the same for other forums too!

Step 1 :

Go to create an acc. Click on the Join Now tab

Step 2 :


Step 3 :

Upload your pics! U can hold the CTRL key on your keyboard to choose multiple pictures at a shot

Step 4 :

You might wish to tag or name your pictures, den press RETURN TO ALBUM when done

There has been slight changes to photobucket over the years.

Move your cursor over the pic to see the links.

Copy the IMG CODE (keyboard shortcut is CTRL + C)

Step 6 :

Paste the whole chunk in AF post (Keyboard shortcut is CTRL + V)

You should see this

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