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1. I am using XTreme. Many water conditioners claim to remove ammonia, detoxifies nitrites. How does the product actually works?

2. XTreme claims that it boosts alkalinity. Will this adjust the pH. If yes, by how much. If no, why?

3. After adding XTreme, a lot of bubbles formed on the surface of my tank. However, they break up easily. May I know what is the cause of this? Can you please explain why this happens?

4. What does it mean by “adds a multi-part skin-slime replacer”?

5. Compared to other products in the market, why is it that I have to add so much more XTreme. This makes XTreme extremely costly to use.

6. I noticed that you have a water conditioner for arowanas. What is the difference between arowana water conditioner and XTreme?

7. As arowana prefers a more acidic water condition. Why does the Arowana Water Conditioner has acid neutralising capacity?