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Furball no 2.
The bimb0

Going on 13, thinks she's 3 and a runaway wannabe.

Adopted at around 11 mths (ok, 1 yr plus coz the rehomer gave me wrong format!), she'a Sept 11 baby (and i was told 9 Nov...)

From a good pedigree and blah blah blah.... she had weak bladder which she eventually grew out of (kind of like kids learning to control her bladder).

We believe it's fate.
She was born red/white and gradually turned wolf grey (the hub stated he prefers grey or black/white)
Her leaky problem stopped shorty after hub adopted her
On her 1st day to her new home, the 1st thing she did was to head right into the toilet and take a pee, afterwhich settled right in the hall - no need for any special teaching or training etc.

Some photos her previous adopter/foster sent to me.

And after she joined...

and now

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