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lenghan 03-12-2021 07:46 AM

Carrick submitted his resignation after the game

KeeHuat 03-12-2021 10:58 AM

Michael Carrick announced that he will leave United just after the match against Arsenal ended. He did well for the 3 matches against tough teams having just taken over as caretaker manager and did make some difficult decisions and dropping some players and playing the squad players. Tactically, quite good for the 3 matches in charge.

De Gea was at fault for the gift opening goal but the referee should have noticed it earlier and blown his whistle. Initially, the team didn't play well but improved later on. There were still mistakes from the players. Rashford was quiet.

lenghan 03-12-2021 02:24 PM

We have this consistency problem for a very long time. We usually play better football for only one half of the game (or worst none at all) This is all down to players' losing focus. Really hope that our new interim manager Ralph can deal with this problem decisively with the players with the correct attitude and focus only on the pitch instead of the Ole's reign of favoritism or sentimentalism for certain players regardless of form (imagine Phil Jones was on the bench for the Arsenal game!!!) and ostracize certain players regardless of their form or fitness. This was the downfall of Ole and his coaching staff. Now every player starts at ground zero.

lenghan 05-12-2021 10:05 PM

Starting Xi under Rangnick
DDG; AT; HM; VL; Dalot; Fred; SAM; MR; BF; JS and CR7

No Jessie or Martial or Ahmad on the bench
DVDB; MG; Elanga; NM; AWB; EB; JM and Phil Jones plus DH

Almost similar lineup but hope different style of playing

lenghan 05-12-2021 11:34 PM

First time after so long that in the first 30mins we managed 10 attempts

lenghan 06-12-2021 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by lenghan (Post 10028199)
First time after so long that in the first 30mins we managed 10 attempts

2nd half we are starting slower and not so much pressing. Fitness problem?

lenghan 06-12-2021 12:39 AM

Good goal by Fred. He did not try to smash it but placed it beautifully past the goalie. Assist from MG

Liang_Zai 06-12-2021 12:55 AM

Not much cohesion and struggle to break down palace. Mc tominay is always slowing down the attacks

lenghan 06-12-2021 12:59 AM

I believe fitness was the problem esp when most of them played 2 games in 2 days. This is why 2nd half we slowed down alot. But credit to Fred who took his shot very calmly when in most other games he would have smashed the ball.
Under Ole or Carrick, Elanga would never ever get the chance to come into the game, but Rangnick trusted youth development. Hope that Ahmad also get to play soon

KeeHuat 07-12-2021 01:39 PM


Manchester United vs Aston Villa

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