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lenghan 28-01-2023 01:22 PM

February should be a good time for us to secure full points to carry over the next month

loveikan 30-01-2023 10:28 PM

Yes and we are dtill in all 4 competitions.
Every game is a final and the depth of the squad is very crucial.

Btw, is there a telegram chat for this AF's Man Utd chat group?

moscowblue 20-02-2023 12:46 PM

great attacking game, reminiscence of the great Fergie era.
Squad is getting thinner, hopefully can go through this Thursday and Sunday.
Then will be the visit of Liverpool

After that we will see whether we are in the race or not, but this current position is very good.

News coming out that Glazers may not sell as American Investment may invest and still let them take control of the club. Hopefully this is not true as we had suffered more than 17 years under their dictatorship:mad:

lenghan 24-02-2023 09:59 AM

What a great comeback for us this morning. From 1 goal down we went on to win 2-1. Full credit to ETH for his decisive mind to make changes. He was never afraid to make these changes when he knows he might have got it wrong initially. If it was under the previous managers, they would not have made any changes until probably too late

moscowblue 02-03-2023 11:06 AM

Another come from behind win last night.
Now for Liverpool game!

lenghan 06-03-2023 12:48 PM

Embarrassing and gutless were, but the words to describe the game. Not a single player seemed to play football but still thinking of winning the PL. When you are already 4 or 5 goals down, you do not try to attack but should realise the game is over, and should just packed the backline to keep a more respectful scoreline but NO our players still tried to attack!!!
Fortunately it is 3 points lost and not that Liverpool won 7 points.
Honestly it was so difficult to watch the lads clueless, with all heads hanging down

moscowblue 06-03-2023 04:15 PM

poor start to this week. completely no mood for work today!

lenghan 17-04-2023 12:44 PM

The injury curse is on us again. And our bench squad is nowhere good enough. Really hope this summer we could get more players. At times we cannot blame ETH for his selection or substitutions. What other choices is he left with?

lenghan 21-04-2023 11:08 AM

What a woeful display. Maguire should be sidelined and not play. Yes we are well aware that ETH is short of defenders, but why does he not recall Eric Baily who is out on loan when both our regular CB were injured. No matter how bad Baily is he is still better than Maguire.
And as expected, when we are losing, Martial would get injured. Is he made of glass?? Lost count of how many times he had been sidelined this season already. Sancho is yet another extremely out of form player. We have young players ready to step up but ETH still does not trust any of these young players. We can go on and on with the witch hunt but bottom line is some of the players have not proven themselves whilst some are not given much opportunities too

moscowblue 05-06-2023 04:16 PM

Now is only waiting for Glazer FULL SALE. Nothing Less Can make it.

The FA cup is a disgraceful game, we never took the game to them and allowed them to toy with us for the full 90mins

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