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loveikan 07-02-2021 06:10 AM

2-1. A bad defensive mistake by Shaw to allow Dorcure to ghost passed him

lenghan 07-02-2021 06:13 AM

Within 6 mins we gave up our 2-0 lead to be 2-2.
This goes to show what a tactician Ancelotti is after watching the first half

loveikan 07-02-2021 06:13 AM

2-2 now. Eve scored 2 goals in 5mins.....bad goals concealed

lenghan 07-02-2021 06:29 AM

Beautiful assist by Shaw for SM to score for us to lead 3-2
Their reserve goalie is their weak link which we should contd to exploit

loveikan 07-02-2021 06:31 AM

Glad to see another goal from a header.
Been missing in our games for quite a long time

lenghan 07-02-2021 06:40 AM

Immediately we see Ancelotti made changes whereas Ole still yet to make any changes
Everton introduced 2 more strikers
Ole just don't seems to trust his bench players

Liang_Zai 07-02-2021 06:56 AM

Lol subbing in tuanzebe to concede a foul and then a goal.??? Nice one ole cheerssss

lenghan 07-02-2021 06:57 AM

What a rubbish defence with the last kick and we let them equalise
Ole sub is rubbish too
The worst thing to happen to any team!!!
And HM will say in his post match that it is disappointing when he is the main culprit for doing nothing for the last goal

Liang_Zai 07-02-2021 06:59 AM

BTW maguire call for offside but he is the one who make everybody onside :rolleyes:

loveikan 07-02-2021 06:59 AM

Bissaka needlessly gave away a ball at the 93min then A uncessary free kick but Tuanzebe. And an injury time goal by Eve.
We make it hard on ourselves

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