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lenghan 25-10-2021 12:38 AM

Bloody crab start 5 mins and we were opened up and Liverpool scored. Our midfield totally called out

lenghan 25-10-2021 12:54 AM

This is the team that played against Atalanta in the first half and yet Ole is bloody stubborn to pick this team again. This is now Liverpool we are playing and it is a completely different cup of team. Tactically Ole is rubbish
What was Mcguire doing and where is Rashford when Trent was completely free
0-2 down is what Ole deserve

lenghan 25-10-2021 01:12 AM

All 3 goals Liverpool scored down to who is marking Kieta???
Where is our McFred!! WTF 3-0 down
Totally no respond from Ole

Even if Ole makes sub at half time. there is nothing the sub can do unless there is complete Liverpool break down

jwhtan 25-10-2021 01:26 AM

Go n sleep. Dun waste your time watching this rubbish.

May not be a bad thing we got trashed.

lenghan 25-10-2021 01:28 AM

The fans rightly booing the team off the pitch and they deserve it.
Clueless Ole thinking he got it right when we beat Atalanta (who was without 5 regular starters) and chooses to start the same team.
Now it is how many more goals are we going to concede.

We have Sancho/Pogba/VDB and Bailly but Ole does not seems to trust them to start.
Am sure a new manager would have them in the starting lineup

What is worst is Liverpool is not playing sensationally and are without 2 of their regulars and we are trailing 0-4
Apparently fans are leaving OT at half time
Cries of Ole OUT would ring even louder

jwhtan 25-10-2021 01:36 AM

I think what we need is a defence coach.

Every single team playing us will be quite confident of scoring against us. We have no answer. Every game we play we concede goalssss

lenghan 25-10-2021 01:42 AM

0-5 Salah hattrick

Mcguire should be red carded

lenghan 25-10-2021 01:58 AM

5 yellow cards and 1 red card
I believe Pogba knew what he was doing out of protest/frustration that we had been allowing Kieta to run the show in the first half. Trailing 0-4 and he is being introduced must be very frustrating for him

We are lucky that CR7 and HM are still on the pitch. They could have been red carded too eariler.

Even at 5-0 Liverpool is still not playing outstanding football but just that we are playing rubbish football

Ole is still refusing to use DVDB but uses Dalot instead

lenghan 25-10-2021 02:12 AM

We are now chasing shadows. Liverpool is just passing the ball around and they can score if they wanted now.
Liverpool players are being cautious not to be caught by angry losers lashing at them. The way it is going, not surprised if we see another red card

lenghan 25-10-2021 02:30 AM

Ole was very quick to get out of the pitch at the final whistle.
Ole/Carrick/Mckenna/Whelan all should resign tonight instead of waiting for the sack

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