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lenghan 27-05-2021 04:54 AM

Look at how many times Cavani had to come back to defend defines the way we are playing. Very unfortunate that his foul led to the goal via a poorly defended free kick but we are simply not able to open up their defense. The only one attempt on goal and they scored
But one thing is for sure, Ole is never going to make any changes when 2nd half begins cos he only has Plan A

lenghan 27-05-2021 05:00 AM

Just watched the replay of the free kick that led to the goal
We had EIGHT players in line defending where they only brought 4 players and still managed to squeeze past VL as if he VL was not there
We now have 45 minutes to redeem the match and win our first trophy after soooo long

lenghan 27-05-2021 05:11 AM

We almost conceded the 2nd goal when EB completely missed the clearance after a mad scranble

Liang_Zai 27-05-2021 05:12 AM

Whole team no sense of urgency except cavani. Seriously this is a final buck up please

loveikan 27-05-2021 05:16 AM

Cavani!!! 1-1
Game on!

Liang_Zai 27-05-2021 05:20 AM

Seriously I can't stand Rashford,still trying to siam challenge and refuse to stick legs out to win back ball when defending

Liang_Zai 27-05-2021 05:35 AM

Rashford miss an open goal. Come on guys

lenghan 27-05-2021 05:43 AM


Originally Posted by Liang_Zai (Post 10027848)
Rashford miss an open goal. Come on guys

Saved him the blushes cos linesman raised offside on BF
85th mins and Ole is still not making any sub
MR is really having a poor game
Viilareal already made 5 changes!!!

Liang_Zai 27-05-2021 05:56 AM

Ref is biase against us too. Rashford seriously been like that for quite sometimes. Still same i think he should concentrate on what he is suppose to do first rather than trying to gain fame for helping the poor.

lenghan 27-05-2021 05:59 AM

We still have another 30mins to win but still wondered why Ole is not making any changes. Some of our players looked tired
We need fresh legs Ole
I believe Ole will only change when either team scores

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