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lenghan 18-10-2020 04:16 AM


Originally Posted by Liang_Zai (Post 10027017)
So fast 1nil down??? Lose this match ole can go liao,when see the line up also dunno what he thinking

Where is Greenwood, not even on the bench? No report that he is injured.
Why buy VDB when we are not starting him?

lenghan 18-10-2020 04:19 AM

BF to the rescue but disallowed for off side by Mata. Just not switched on

1-1 HM
Hope this give him more confidence

Liang_Zai 18-10-2020 04:28 AM

Mata doing well as of now.greenwood n rashford form actually not maybe coz of disciplines issue?

Liang_Zai 18-10-2020 04:47 AM

When we lose the ball we recover quite fast but with pogba in later hard to say.hate to see him lose ball yet still jog around

lenghan 18-10-2020 04:51 AM

Actually we are the better team for this first half.
SM and Fred not really in the game. Not surprised to see them replaced in 2nd half.
DJ only has speed but no football brains

Liang_Zai 18-10-2020 05:22 AM

Missed penalty, we are dominating the game just need to be more clinical and we shall win this. Come on guys

lenghan 18-10-2020 05:24 AM

First time BF missed a penalty!!! But on replay we can see their goalie moved forward but not pensalised!! WTF

lenghan 18-10-2020 05:45 AM

BF gives us 2-1 lead
Good team effort goal

lenghan 18-10-2020 05:49 AM

3-1 WB scored his first goal

Liang_Zai 18-10-2020 05:53 AM

Look at the sense of relieve from ole. Honestly tactically he is poor i am nt sure hw far he can lead us

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