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Boris_yo 23-09-2011 10:55 PM

SERA And Danios - Is It Worth It?
Hello everybody. I have Goldfish and don't know if this post appropriate here, but at least tell me of products' authenticity.

Local seller said he gets less with each sale for himself , maybe because he wants more sells? Anyway he offered me SERA Pond 1000ml fish food for $10.70 and Danios Anti-Chlorine for $5.40. Now i am a first timer and don't know stuff but currently i only have SERA 100ml fish food which so far works fine.

In my country (Israel) i consider this a good deal, but i am questioning the authenticity of products. I want to be sure that nothing is counterfeit here. I know SERA (Germany) so far but what is Danios (claims to be from Germany)? What is that noname goldfish food?

Goldfish Food:

SERA Pond 1000ml - $10.70
Noname goldfish food (unknown volume) - $4


SERA Anti-Chlorine 250ml - $10.70
Danios Anti-Chlorine 230ml - $5.40

I am suspicious about Danios that don't have any official presence online, at least i did not found, but only saw their production in some international online stores.

What is this noname goldfish food? Nothing mentions the volume in ml on bottle.

swlk 27-09-2011 03:25 PM

Hi, Sera is from Germany and will explain why it is more expensive. I prefer Hikari food for GF.

If you are able to age the water, than can save on the anti-chlorine. Save money and less chemical for the GF.:cool:

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