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Aroboy II 15-03-2008 04:12 PM

Title your threads- WTS / WTB . Other guidelines here
As above stated by our Administrator, Cavallino

1. Please title your threads with appropriate prefixes WTB, WTS, WTT, FOC + type/species of fish/plant. If you are selling a few fishes, name them on the thread.
example- WTS Red Arowana
example- WTS Clown Loach, Tin Foil Barb, Blood Parrots and more

Do not title it as some fish, various fish, some tankmates or Cheap Sales, Giving Up Hobby, Moving House Sales, Decomm Sales, Storeroom Clearance

2. Please state your price, and location of viewing/ collection.

3. Do not bump up your thread more than once every 6 hours.

4. No selling on behalf of your friend.

5. If you are selling or auctioning a few fishes, do it one at a time. Or put them together in one thread. Do not flood the board with numerous threads. One advert at one time.

Detailed guidelines for auctions are stated here.

Other previous discussions on Buy/ Sell guidelines are here:

Members are advised to read the guidelines in the buy/sell.
Any flouting of our guidelines may result in your buy/sell privileges being revoked and recalcitrant offenders may have their account disabled.

If you do not want to title ur threads properly, you will find your threads being deleted.


tweety bird 16-07-2008 11:06 AM

Deletion of Thread not following guidelines
Dear Members

Please read the guidelines for Buy and Sell before starting any thread.
Any thread that is not in line with the guidelines will be deleted without any notice.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated

Thank you

Buy&Sell MOD

laodie 24-07-2010 01:43 AM

Auction - Bidders Take Note
As titled.
Bidders who had placed their bids, you are understood to have read up the guidelines. Please refer to the link below, point no. 4:

4. Collection date and place to be listed accordingly. If you cannot meet the collection date/place, please do not bid as you'll then be listed as an aeroplane buyer. The time and date should also not be changed as bidders find it very difficult to keep track. Cock and Bull excuses of parents/girlfriends/wives not allowing will not be entertained. Please ask permission if you need, before you bid.

We will not hesitate to take any action should you flout the guidelines. Guidelines are there, and it is your responsibility to read through and understand them.

laodie 21-12-2010 02:16 PM

Dear all AF members, some guidelines which may have been forgotten and I am bringing them out for your attention. Please read through and follow strictly:

1) Do not "bump"/upz a thread if:

the last post was within 6 hours) or there are already 2 "bumps" (regardless of how long ago the last 2 bumps were )

Smileys-only postings

Generally, all smileys-only postings are frowned upon. If a member is found to be consecutively posting smileys to majority of his/her postings, the same actions will be taken.

Such posts offer no real content/discussion, takes up server resources and sets a bad example for new members to follow.

2) No selling on behalf, or even buying on behalf.

3) Indicate your location for transaction, price.

4) In auction, once you placed a bid, no cancellation is allowed. Meaning to say, please seek approval from your wife to 3rd uncle before you are being "approved" to place a bid.

Any flouting of our guidelines may result in your buy/sell privileges being revoked and recalcitrant offenders may have their account disabled.

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