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flightspeed 02-04-2009 07:08 PM

JEBO 178 protein skimmer/filter
Dear All,

Just bot a tank to set up marine fish for my office ...

Tank size - 2 ft L x 1ft W x 1.5ft H

Added sand

Added water

Added Jebo 178 protein skimmer / filter

Qns - there is a tube hanging out of the filter .. any idea wats that for ? the instruction manual is not very clear.

It claims to be a skimmer but i see it more as a filter .. any bros using this model can advise ?

Newbie here and was told to cycle the water for 1 week .. any parameters i shd be testing , i intend to have nemo n a sea animonae inside :) maybe some other small fishes - dont need a chiller since the office is AC 24/7 with UPS hehehe


Sunburst 06-04-2009 01:28 PM

A picture will certainly helps here for the Jebo skimmer.. ;)

Make sure the following are parameters are ok:

1) NO3
2) kH
3) pH
4) Salinity

KaLiB 06-04-2009 10:16 PM

Firstly, Welcome to the Marine Hobby. Do take some time to readup deep_end's article here to get a basic overall understanding othe hobby.

You should cycle the tank for at least 4weeks, 1week is too short unless your using liverocks & live sand from an existing marine tank. Even then, care should be taken by monitoring ammonia, nitrite & nitrates before adding your first fish/coral.

I would advise against a sea anemone since you just started, their very demanding creatures. They need strong light, good water movement & good water quality. Another major issue with anemones is for their tendency to move about to find a good spot(They don't stay where you put them), there's a chance it can get stuck and die. I've read of tank crashes caused by dead anemones.

On a final note, after cycling, do remember to stock up slowly. Although the tank has been cycled, the bioload needs to be increased slowly otherwise you can experience another ammonia spike.

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