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Rein-Biotech Services 01-02-2018 06:46 PM

Tetra fish products
Dear all our valued customers,

We are happy to announce that Rein is appointed by Spectrum Brands SG to distribute in Singapore the gloabal leader in Aquatic Food – Tetra from Germany. We will be fully committed to help you understand the brand better, and keep the products competitively priced and affordable to everyone. Stocks will be made available from February 2018 onwards.

Look forward to everyone's support! Ad by Reinbiotech SG, on Flickr

Fish food for aquarium fish: Tetra is an innovator in aquatics
For over 60 years, Tetra has been the leader of the aquatic industry. Being the inventor of the world's first fish food flakes – TetraMin, Tetra has developed for decades by introducing thoughtful, innovative products that make fish keeping easier, safer and more interesting! In order for your fish to be healthy and for you to enjoy the fascinating underwater worlds, we have:
• - The largest research & development department within the industry
• - The only independently accredited R&D department
• - Hundreds of aquariums in our Quality Assurance department
• - More than 300 active and pending patents
• - More than 60 years of successful innovation and product development

Tetra is the global number one brand in the aquatics industry. Most of today's aquarium products are developed at the company's site in Melle, Germany and then brought to the international market. A standard and tradition that is based on our heritage and experience in aquatics. Factory Melle by Reinbiotech SG, on Flickr

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