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lenghan 07-03-2022 03:02 AM

Absolute rubbish again. 3-1 down now
Cannot even defend a simple corner kick. Instead of sticking his foot or body, Mcguire literally turned his body away to avoid being hit by the ball.
Just like the 2nd goal he should have kicked the ball out but instead passed it forward in the penalty box
The City goalie did not even need to make a single save the whole 2nd half
Should have taken off SM who is having one of his worst game instead of Pogba
Telles and Wan Bisaka rubbish play tonight.
Without DDG we should be 5 goals down by now

lenghan 07-03-2022 03:21 AM

2nd half performance is like men vs school boys
Final score 4-1 to City.
Bye bye Champions League next season since Arsenal still has 3 games in hand and leads us by ONE point
Even Spurs could overtake us as they too has 3 games in hand

KeeHuat 09-03-2022 10:14 AM

Spurs trashed Everton 5-0. I did not watch the match but read the various reports.

Everton's midfielders including van de Beek were criticised for being weak, lack of physicality and cannot run. This point was mentioned previously for van de Beek not starting often for United. Guess there is some truth to this.

The EPL is different from the leagues in Europe. There have been plenty of players who were outstanding in European leagues but struggled in the EPL.

KeeHuat 09-03-2022 10:20 AM

Since SAF left, though I don't know what is actually going on with regard to recruitment of players and the decisions taken by each manager and the top management, Woody is responsible for the mess.

It appears Woody was going for stars that do not fit into the team looking with hindsight at those that failed to adapt and left shortly after signing.

moscowblue 12-03-2022 10:43 AM

This club is really in a mess now.

Next season, Ronaldo, Pogba, VDB, Cavani, Lingard all should be gone.
Where to find $ to replace these positions?

Heard Fred going to be given new contract.
Dun understand how he deserved the new contract.

We need a revolutionary manager coming in.
if it is up to me, I going to give Rangnick another year to do it, get rid of Fletcher, Macguire, Telles, Fred, Mactominay, AWB

What do you all think?

KeeHuat 13-03-2022 01:49 AM

United: De Gea; Dalot, Varane, Maguire (c), Telles; Matic, Fred, Pogba; Rashford, Ronaldo, Sancho.

Subs: Henderson, Bailly, Jones, Lindelof, Wan-Bissaka, Lingard, Mata, Cavani, Elanga.

lenghan 13-03-2022 03:14 AM

Great to see CR7 scoring two goals
We lead 2-1

lenghan 13-03-2022 04:01 AM

Bloody Mcguire scored own goal. Bloody SHIT
2-2 now.
In fact 2nd half we had not any shot or attempts on goal
Freaking HM a liability for the team

lenghan 13-03-2022 04:20 AM

CR7 hattrick.
He is now officially the greatest goal scorers of all time

KeeHuat 13-03-2022 06:00 AM

Ronaldo got the 3 points for United.

The team was not stopping the Spurs players from hitting the cross field ball. The play wasn't good against Spurs.

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