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lenghan 24-02-2022 05:10 AM

Bloody poor marking from HM to allow Fekix to score with his head

For the first 13mins we had been simply POOR. Not one player showed up

lenghan 24-02-2022 05:36 AM

We cannot even make any decent passes for these last 30 mins.
An absolute shamble so far that CR7 had to come back very deep to get the ball
Only Lindelof is playing well

lenghan 24-02-2022 05:43 AM

AM is making so much fouls to disrupt our flow and we can't cope with this physical approach

lenghan 24-02-2022 05:53 AM

An absolutely disgraceful display for the 1st half from our team.
Lindelof was our best player
We are lucky to be only 1 goal down. On a scale of 10, I would rate almost the entire midfield a ONE. Mcguire is really practicing social distancing cos he is always at least 1 metre away from his attacker Shaw too had been poor.
CR7 is getting frustrated and soon will be booked for dissent as the AM players are getting on every players' nerve with all the petty fouls

lenghan 24-02-2022 06:44 AM

Elanga scored off a good assist by BF after coming in for Rashford who has been a total let down

lenghan 24-02-2022 06:57 AM

Final score 1-1
Damn lucky to get the draw but credit to Elanga to run into space for BF to pass the ball. Why was Rashford unable to do that?
Overall one of the worst team display todate

KeeHuat 24-02-2022 07:01 AM

Again a match of 2 halves by United, only waking up in the 2nd half.

Atletico was the better team overall but the defender made a mistake and Elanga took his goal well. United got away with a draw.

loveikan 24-02-2022 04:12 PM

Spme may said luck was with us but think one of the most impt factors was the introduction of Matic changed the game for us.
And Elanga equalised, again the timely sub helped the team

With the away goal abolished, hope we can win it at OT

moscowblue 24-02-2022 08:24 PM

watching the game makes me very sick.

Midfield is really kosong like kopi-O without sugar.

Rashford still does not use his brains during the game opting to shoot from such a distance

Our No. 7 is still without any service and had to drop deep to try to get touches of the ball.

Bruno is flicking to the opponent all the time.

Hope the 2nd leg is better than this morning's game.

boyx2 25-02-2022 12:16 AM

Wa Af still have ppl here, long long time never log in

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