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loveikan 06-01-2021 10:40 PM

Read MC has 3 new cases.

Will the match continue after what had happened in their match against Eve?

lenghan 06-01-2021 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by loveikan (Post 10027332)
Read MC has 3 new cases.

Will the match continue after what had happened in their match against Eve?

More concerning, will they spread the virus to our team which will cause disruption to our title hopes

KeeHuat 07-01-2021 03:57 AM

United XI: Henderson; Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw; McTominay, Fred; Rashford, Fernandes, Pogba; Martial.

Subs: De Gea, Bailly, Mata, Telles, Tuanzebe, James, Matic, Van de Beek, Greenwood.

lenghan 07-01-2021 05:04 AM

WB is starting very shaky so far

City attack very potent fortunately both goals ruled correctly offside. Our backline must remain very focused as we are playing pretty deep

lenghan 07-01-2021 05:27 AM

So far, Shaw is handling Sterling very well but WB is not too comfortable with Foden on either side of the wings

lenghan 07-01-2021 05:56 AM

Our backline must be day dreaming not protecting the free kick and we are 0-1 down

lenghan 07-01-2021 06:08 AM

Should be time for Ole to make changes now. We are simply playing too deep and with 0-1 down we should be pushing forward.
As long as HM and VL are still on the pitch, we will not progress beyond this stage
Both MR and AM have so little touches on the ball

lenghan 07-01-2021 06:15 AM

We are allowed 5 subs but Ole still not making any move with 20mins to go

lenghan 07-01-2021 06:29 AM

We simply cannot handle set play. 0-2 down now

With only 4mins left what is the use of bringing Donny in and expect him to do miracles.

Liang_Zai 07-01-2021 06:30 AM

we deserve to lose also. Slow to the ball and looks disinterested not like City who close us down whenever we have the ball

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