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SoToNgMaN 18-06-2011 11:35 PM

AFC Grow-Out 2011 @ OTF - Discussion & Images
World's First Arowana Grow Out Competition

Established in 2009, Arowana Fanatics Club (Singapore) is an official club formed by like-minded arowana enthusiasts, to promote & enhance the knowlege and ownership of rearing the majestic arowana fish.

The Grow Out competition organised by the club is the first of its kind in the world for arowanas. In November 2010, young 'Crossback Golden' arowanas of at least 6 inches (15 cm) from eight participating arowana farms were sold at fixed prices, to participating members who will spend the next 6 months grooming the fishes to their best potential. Due to overwhelming response, over 90 juvenile arowanas were purchased from the buyers' selection process alone!

The eight participating arowana farms include Imperial Arowana, OTF Aquarium Farm, Pang Long, Sing Arowanas, Raffles Arowana, Rainbow Aquarium, Wan Hu Fish Farm Trading and DreamFish Inc. Singapore. The owners or designated representatives of each farm will also be assuming the role of judges on the final day of competition.

Come 19th June 2011, approximately 50 of these fishes will converge at the same location for the finals and be judge, based on health, aesthetics and swimming posture. Only with the best care, knowledge and fishkeeping technique will the participants be able to bring out the best attributes of the fishes. We look forward to seeing you!

Competition Details:

Date: 19 June 2011, 11:00am onwards
Venue: OTF Aquarium Farm
63 Pasir Ris Farmway 3
Loyang Agrotechnology Park
Singapore 518233

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Feel free to post your discussions and photos ..

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