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moscowblue 27-05-2021 06:18 PM

One of the poorest final involving United.
OGS killed the team due to his persistent trust in a few of his players and lack of believe in his bench.
Rashford clearly is not playing well due to injuries, but he was kept on and Pogba taken off, I am really perplexed with his substitution and also his timing in the substitutions.

The coaching team is really clueless and whole season, we kept conceding goals from corners and set-pieces. Still cannot stemmed it out.

We need a new defensive coach and also the midfield needs to change.

I get very annoyed when Mactominay or Fred play.

Cannot understand why Fred and James come in instead of DVDB or Diallo

Anyway, time to focus on who is coming in during the transfer.

KeeHuat 27-05-2021 09:15 PM

Again it's the weakling Lindelöf that costs us a goal.

lenghan 28-05-2021 02:41 AM


Originally Posted by KeeHuat (Post 10027863)
Again it's the weakling Lindelöf that costs us a goal.

Not just Lindeloft, but I put the responsibility squarely on Ole when he know very well that his teams are not super robots that can play 90mins, week in and week out. Ole simply ignored the fact that many of his players were carrying injuries throughout the season but still contd to use them. Yes I will readily agree we do not have depth in the squad, but what has Ole against DVDB, Ahmad or Elanja, Tuanzebe pr even Shoretire or EB, these players could be called upon to give them more playing minutes.
But what did Ole do??? He stubbornly stick to his favorite choices.
Now we have Rashford confirming..."I could walk you into the dressing room, I could show you five, six, seven players and me as well who had injuries here, from September, the beginning of the season," Rashford said.

moscowblue 28-05-2021 05:53 PM

Best part is DVDB played less minutes than the injured VVD of Liverpool.

Really wonder where this team is going.

No point getting in new players if you are not going to trust and use them.

lenghan 29-05-2021 12:23 AM


Originally Posted by moscowblue (Post 10027865)
Best part is DVDB played less minutes than the injured VVD of Liverpool.

Really wonder where this team is going.

No point getting in new players if you are not going to trust and use them.

Ole is simply stubborn. He only stick to those he trusted and will run them to the ground. And he has no guts to take these people off the pitch (in case these players come up with a moment of magic!!!! Sorry Ole, you've been called out by pundits all over the world for your clueless behavior.
Taking Greenwood off instead of a half fit and unproductive Rashford???
Keeping DDG when he knows damn well that DDG is absolutely awful in penalty. He has yet to save any of the 25 penalties this season. Whereas Hendersen had almost a 50% save-rate
Any sensible manager would have made this switch.
And this gave the bias British medias a field day attacking DDG.
We may see BF leaving next season. His recent performance had been poor probably recognizing that no matter how much he does the unreliable defence will let the team down.

lenghan 29-05-2021 12:33 AM

Liverpool are set to sign the French central defender Ibrahima Konaté from RB Leipzig, to agree a five-year deal with the 21-year-old.
They will trigger the release clause of 36million
Wish we could say this for our Board who are best known to try low balling selling clubs.

moscowblue 29-05-2021 03:57 PM

Out of the few top CDs available for transfer this season, 3 had been snapped up

Liverpool got one
Real Madrid got Alaba
Bayern got Upmeacano

Now left with Koude, Varane, Torres

Of the three, I think Varane would be the best fit as he is around 27 and already won the lot of trophies that is available.

Koude is a raw diamond, has speed but is abit short

Torres, to me seems like another Lindelof

What you guys think?

KeeHuat 29-05-2021 11:15 PM

Wishful thinking but how I wish we could have another Nemanja Vidić who would not let any forward through. Vidic has numerous injuries, broken bones, etc. He would still be giving his all in spite of injuries. They don't make this type of player anymore.

It's to do with your will and character. A player needs to know his weaknesses and do something about it.

lenghan 01-06-2021 06:19 PM

Instead of focusing on new acquisitions I strongly believe we should be scouting for coaches. Apparently Ole had admitted he does not coach nor does his Asst Mgr Phelan. This leaves only Carrick whom I don't think have the experience nor voice to make selection of players or subs to be made.
Also now reported that Varance prefers PSG over joining us.

KeeHuat 05-06-2021 01:28 AM

Release/Free Transfer:
Jacob Carney
Mark Helm
Iestyn Hughes
Joel Pereira
Arnau Puigmal
Sergio Romero
Max Taylor
Aliou Traore

Contract discussions:
Lee Grant
Juan Mata
Paul Woolston

Option Exercised:
Dermot Mee

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