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lenghan 03-01-2022 12:57 PM

Watched an exciting Chelsea vs Liverpool game last night
2-2 draw
But honestly I think the refs are all siding Liverpool
Mane should have seen RED in the first minute for a deliberate elbow.
This in fact is the 2nd time Mane had escaped RED
Plus when Chelsea scored their 1st wonderful goal, VAR was called upon when it was an apparent good goal.
Anthony Taylor must have not received any Xmas cards from Chelsea

lenghan 04-01-2022 01:33 AM

Starting XI against Wolves

Strange lineup by Rangnick!!

Our bench does not have any Centerback!!!

CR7 named captain over DDG

BF & MR dropped

lenghan 04-01-2022 02:49 AM

First 15mins WOLVES are all over us and DDG called upon twice to make saves
In fact in first 18 mins they had 7 shots compared to our 1

lenghan 04-01-2022 03:00 AM

The real SM showed up. Was excellent in last game is crap so far. Against a technical team he is usually lost.
Bonus....Jones doing ok so far

lenghan 04-01-2022 03:21 AM

Woeful first half by us. Wolves dictating the game

lenghan 04-01-2022 04:15 AM

Wolves finally scored in the 80th min which they deserved.

lenghan 04-01-2022 04:22 AM

At the rate we are playing top 4 is totally not going to happen
Why did Rangnick brings in a poor out of form MR instead of DVDB when our midfield is totally shit.
Same old same old just like Ole's time and Rangnick is doing just, that using the same old players

At least Bruno played very well when introduced. But MR is shit

lenghan 04-01-2022 04:28 AM

Final score 0-1
Bloody rubbish play the home team performed

lenghan 04-01-2022 03:30 PM

When we see Phil Jones voted MOTM tells you alot. A player that had not played competitive football for 2 years!!!!
Either we solve the midfield problem otherwise we will see this heartache over and over again.
Wondered if Rangnick is being bossed or is the boss. What the hell is Darren Fletcher on the bench and shouting instructions. If Conte was here he would never allowed this.
So is Rangnick all talks is now up in the air. His substitution was really like Ole. When we had such poor midfielders why bring a totally out of form MR when we have two veteran strikers still playing. Why not try Jesse instead or DVDB
SM was total shit, why keep him for entire game. So was Matic. Although it was a poor header clearance by Jones, where were poor midfielders, allowing the opponent's midfielder to score.
Instead of bringing out EC who had a poor performance, why Greenwood who was probably the best forward thus far.
The only positive was bringing in BF who actually tried to influence the game and succeeded to a certain extent.
Overall, poor management by Rangnick and extremely awful performance from most of the players. Just look at the body language of AWB

lenghan 06-01-2022 12:56 AM

The situation within the club is becoming more toxic now.
It is now reported that ELEVEN players want out of the club.
Players are rejecting Rangnick and his newly appointed assistants and not happy with their style of training and management.
Apparently most wanted Conte to be the manager. Now the players want Poch. If the Board gives in to their demand, we will see players' power over taking whoever is the coach/manager and the demise of Manchester United if the Glazers allow this toxicity to contd.
To the players, Rangnick at best is a DOF not a manager.
To me the Board is the problem and the players are the symptom.
The way to redeem the club is probably a total reset which could even means we needed to be relegated to start all over from the bottom

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