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Xx{-_-}xX 05-03-2020 12:37 PM

Mysis Frozen shrimp cubes as staple food??
Hi guys and gals,

Something odd happened today.

After feeding my angel tank with hikari mysis shrimp cubes, realised i had one too many cube in my hand.

So decided to throw the extra cube into a tank housing a pb and big red (intending to feed the pb)

Before i knew the red rushed in and gobbled the cube. Okay thought by mistake and too late to spit out. This time i took 2x cubes.. throw nearer to pb but before the pb react.. the red ate the both cube... not only tat its looking for more circling menecingly around the feeding area.😳

My question: It is possible to replace mp with frozen cubes as staple food (20x cubes twice a day). Weekly bull frog meal?

Can anyone share similar experience on long time red aro well being.. or its side effects?


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