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lenghan 12-05-2021 03:56 AM

Final score. We lost 1-2 and Man City officially crowned champion
But no shame to lose as the youngster played pretty ok but we were always going to be second best in this match

lenghan 14-05-2021 04:28 AM

1-0 from OG by Liverpool defender when he tried to block BF shot after a good run by WB to retrieve the ball

lenghan 14-05-2021 04:38 AM

So far the first 20mins we have been the better side pressing very high onto Liverpool hlaf

lenghan 14-05-2021 04:49 AM

Once again we concede the equaliser from corner
Liverpool has been on the ascendancy after the 20th mins

lenghan 14-05-2021 05:04 AM

Bloody poor defending again. 1-2 down on 3rd min of extra time
We simply cannot defend set pieces
This 2nd goal by Liverpool is fault of PP for standing still when he could have taken the ball off Firmino.

lenghan 14-05-2021 05:23 AM

What a poor start to concede within 2 mins
Fred trying to pass from the back once again
1-3 down now and the fault is also with Hendersen
Ole is still on his seat looking so blankly

lenghan 14-05-2021 05:28 AM

Why is MR still playing when he still does not look match fit
Get Greenwood in and also get Fred OUT
At the moment Liverpool is running us to the ground and Jota almost made it 1-4

lenghan 14-05-2021 05:44 AM

2-3 now
Scored by MR good assist by EC
Hope this spells game on
And it was almost 3-3 when Greenwood and BF shots were cleared off the line
PP is playing in the centre after Fred sub out seems to change the tempo

lenghan 14-05-2021 06:00 AM

Ole is bringing in Matic on when we are behind 2-3???
Where is the logic??

lenghan 14-05-2021 06:07 AM

Overall Liverpool deserves to win
Hendersen was poor again to allow Salah to score their 4th goal

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