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lenghan 09-04-2021 05:52 AM

Boring football yet we are 2-0 up courtesy of BF penalty conversion

lenghan 09-04-2021 05:55 AM

2nd leg at OT we will not have 3 defenders

loveikan 09-04-2021 06:26 AM

Did not play well yet still win
Many of the players are feeling the strain and make worsened that we do not have a strong bench after all.
So will still take it.

KeeHuat 09-04-2021 06:28 AM

Advantage to have a 2 goal cushion with a penalty at the end from this 1st leg.
Referee was biased in giving United players so many yellow cards for the same type of fouls as the Granada players.

lenghan 09-04-2021 09:56 AM

Our build up was painfully slow and had it been another team, we might have lost. It really reminded us of the JM and LVG time as manager when we were playing very negative football retaining most possession by passing from left to right and back. It was painful to watch Ole's tactics are fast becoming like the 2 previous managers except that Ole had been extremely lucky that his players rescued him so far.

lenghan 09-04-2021 03:17 PM

This Sunday hope we are not going to be bored by JM and Ole game plan. JM's only agenda is to seek revenge for his termination and if they score one goal, be ready for him to park the whole fleet of buses
We should be without AM and MR. Isn't it time to test AD? As the saying goes, If Not Now, When?

KeeHuat 09-04-2021 07:41 PM

The number of centrebacks linked with United is getting ridiculous. Better not to believe any of them until one is really signed in the summer.

lenghan 10-04-2021 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by KeeHuat (Post 10027668)
The number of centrebacks linked with United is getting ridiculous. Better not to believe any of them until one is really signed in the summer.

The manner in which Woodward conducts his business, don't be surprised if we ended up with ZERO addition. His style is to keep bargaining till the other party either give way or give up doing business with us.
Of course we know that whenever we are in the market, the selling team very quickly inflate their selling price and it is only prudent that Woodward do not give in to ridiculous asking prices.
But I feel his main task is to make sure Ole get rids of the deadwoods within the squad. The weekly salary of players not involved is mind blowing!!!!
Just the goalkeeping section more than hald milion pounds for 4 goalkeepers which is really unheard of in any football teams in the world!!
DDG is on 375,000; Henderson is 100,000; Romero 70,000 and Grant 30,000.
Include Mata 160,000; Jones 75,000 almost non existent playing time this year
Plus everytime Ole does not use
DVDB = 120,000
AM = 250,000
EC = 210,000
Matic = 120,000
AT = 93,000
EB = 80,000
Tuanzebe 80.000
BW = 60,000

loveikan 10-04-2021 10:44 PM

Leeds won over MC in injury time. Some more with one man down.
2 shots 2goals
Thought MC will win after getting an equalizer in the 76min.

KeeHuat 11-04-2021 11:48 PM

UNITED XI: Henderson; Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw; McTominay, Pogba, Fred, Fernandes; Rashford, Cavani.

United subs: De Gea, Mata, Greenwood, Amad, Telles, Matic, Williams, Van de Beek, Tuanzebe.

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