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jwhtan 17-02-2005 02:26 PM

The Rep System

1. There are two mechanism. One is the rep points and the other is the rep altering power.

2. Everyone starts off at 10 rep points which is neutral. We can start from 0 but 10 gives everyone a buffer so tat even if u get zapped from the start, u still hv some way to go.

3. When ur rep points drop below -10, I'll put you under moderation. If it drops below -50, I'll disable ur account.

4. You'll need a minimum of 20 rep points and 50 post counts before you get any rep altering power. So registration of new nicks to destabilise the system will not work.

5. For senior members here, every 1200 days will give them one additional rep altering power. And every 500 rep points members gained will give them one additional rep altering power. Maximum rep power will be 8.

6. A limit to only one click a person can give over a 24 hour period. You can only add or minus once daily. This means you either up your friend or down those u find frivolous.

7. User Spread. You cannot give to the same person until you have given to 100 others. So that means you cannot just click on one until his reps go spiralling down uncontrollably. So if a member has very high reps, that's just many hv voted for him. Or if a member has very low reps, he is disliked by the majority.

8.The rep system is not about right or wrong. It's abt whether someone agrees or disagrees with ur post. No reason is needed. You can say a XBack needs tanning and the someone think u talk rubbish, u can get zapped. You win some , you lose some. Simple as that. It's basically abt opinions. And to a certain extent, the number of friends u have. Remember u hv one click per day and you cannot click the same member again until you hv clicked 100 others, so click wisely. :)

jwhtan 17-02-2005 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by cavallino
anonymity may allow certain individuals to have a hit-and-run field day..

yes of cos, but by restricting the number of clicks over a 24 hour period and the number of members u need to go thru before getting back to the same person helps to eradicate and minimise this "pitfall" ... the zapping (minus) of rep points may not be related to trade .. it could be the nature of the persons postings .. some members do nothing but upzz the buy/sell threads (when there were post counts), some juz frequent all forums and post " nice fish " .. U may disagree with this and zapped them or some give very good explanation how his method help in his XBack achieving an earlier crossing, u may want to up his points. but regardless, there'll always be opposing views since fishkeeping is a live stock so being added or being zapped, for the normal hobbyists, shd not be taken too seriously. maybe one day, a member has 200 points and someone sees " waoh so many, zapped him one point" .. well please dun kick a fuss cos its not going to make a difference. Just enjoy an additional tool that Vbulletin has.

jwhtan 17-02-2005 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by RBT
Sometimes ppl may not b as patient as another and some bros gets offended rather easily.Some will start to give not well thot out and rather hurtful comment in which the other party sure cannot tahan one,here the chicken n egg thingy will come into effect and war of words will b inevitable.

We will take to task the person whose comments are vulgar.

jwhtan 17-02-2005 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by stryker
Wat is the objective of having such a system???

This is to pass down the "moderation task" to the members themselves ... u see frivolous "nice fish" postings all in one straight mass post manner or similar kind, u dun like them, u zapped them .. u think they are ok, u leave them. U see a member doesn't matter wat occasion, w/o fail promotes the same LFS, U think it's not right, u zapped him ... u think he's sharing, upzz him ..

if the rep altering power is given to 30K above postings, then 99% of members here will not qualify and wat then will be the reason to implement this at all ? 50 posts and u'll hv one rep altering power and the next one more altering power is given at 20,000 posts .. so that's a lot of difference

i think no one single person can zapped another member to oblivion. If one member is zapped badly, then it's almost certainly he's been zapped by many and all these people who zapped him will hv given up the chance to up ther frens.

jwhtan 17-02-2005 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by higher
1) If i've given a point up or down to someone, can that person as well as the community read the comments made, but yet the identity of the person who commented kept anonymous?

The rational behind this i feel is to prevent unnecessary childish backlashes from someone who has gotten zapped.

2) Are the comments compulsary? If not, can they be?

This i feel would (although somewhat futile) prevent some from abusing this system if they had to type a minimum 100 words to justify why they are zapping up or down someone else.

1) The person can read the comments, and the identity of the person is not made know, he remains anonymous

2) The comments are not compulsory, but any vulgarities comments shd be reported and I'll zapped the person spewing vulgarities but I'll not answer those "why i kena zapped" or " who zapped me" questions.

there'll always be those that will upzz you and those that will zapped you .. so at the end of the day, it evens out .... unless the person has no frens

jwhtan 17-02-2005 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by Tadpole81
If someone is being " sabotage " will his case be reviewed first before suspension ?

I can read all the comments, every single individual

jwhtan 17-02-2005 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by Mewmender
so... can zap or cannot zap/add to mod and admin? :confused:

the choice is given to the members who/what u zapped or add (including to mod and admin) ... wat kind of post u think enhances the persons reps and wat kind of posts deserves to be zapped ... we wun control that, otherwise it's as good as curtailing member's free will ...

important thing is 1 click over 24 hrs period
cannot click same person until u hv click 50 others
no vulgarities in the comments box

jwhtan 17-02-2005 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by cavallino
2 points...

1) We collectively form the reputation system
as with the polls, the aggregation of our individual votes are supposed to reflect the collective sentiment of the community. as an individual, we cannot influence the outcome of the poll (or at least we shouldn't be able to).

When people start abusing the system by registering multiple nicks and piling up the votes under a cloak of anonymity, the system loses its integrity. The system's ability to tell people what the community thinks of an issue or the particular individual greatly diminishes. The same will happen with the rep system.

All credit to the mods for a well thought out system. But it still can be abused, mostly because we don't know who is adding/ deducting who and for what. It's free for all, no accountability. It's pointless (and unfair) to expect the mods to keep adding more restrictions to curb the abuse. Just like internet hackers, they'll always find a way.

The integrity of the system can only be upheld by the collective, responsible actions of each and every one of us. It must come from within.

Following up from that..

2) Let's not take this exercise too seriously
If we depend on the polls/ rep systems to tell us the consensus about an issue or the rep of a person, then a lot depends on our confidence in the system. since we cannot verify the integrity of the system in question, then it's in our best interest to use some discretion. Though one could argue that if in the end we still needed to use our own judgment/ discretion, why even use the polls or rep systems at all? To be fair, these systems do not completely break down; they still offer a partial solution. I guess something is better than nothing.

I offer a simple case in point, but note this is not a personal attack against the personalities mentioned. It is purely an objective example.

Iori was polled as the most hated AF member. We all know somewhere in there, there were probably manipulations for and against him.. from friend and foe.. at least that's what i think.. did the poll really reflect what all of us think of him? I would take it with a pinch of salt. For one, i didn't participate in that poll. And for the record i've nothing against him.

But if you look at the reputation system, he has one of the highest rep counts after the mods.

So the most hated member is also one of high repute?

is one system wrong, or both?

Let's not take all this too seriously, yah?

In a poll there was no restrictions, anybody cud vote ... in the rep system, only those with rep power cud vote and the individual has a buffer to begin with, so to manipulate is a little more difficult .. u hv to garner a lot of support either by pm or herd instinct to "kill" someone off and if u do that, u run the risk of being zapped by those who disagree with ur actions too

jwhtan 17-02-2005 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by wrx
Come on john, I thought i did mention clearly in my post that "unless that person keep posting insulting or personal attacking words for no reason"? remember there's a person kenna ban by either u or alvin not long ago? i dun think that is wrong & in fact, i did warn u, kenny, alvin about that but u all give benefic of doubt nia mah.

The fact is, there r numbers of thread being closed for non vulgarity words involve, even banning a person, u need me to point those to u?

Talking about friends to add u point, this is a forum for aro's hobbyist to learn, share opinion, i dun think we need "friend" to add "point" to us, wat for?

U already said that there's no right or wrong, just agree or disagree, then why we need to add point?


Yes, we always give benefit of doubt, and tat's why banning is always a last resort ...

threads being closed when there's no vulgarity ? banning a person? by this I take it tat u opined there was a mistake in the mods action ? if yes, I do need u to point out to me ... but lest it be mistaken, vulgarity is not the sole reason for closing threads ... one example ... I pawn my dog to buy aro thread or why i feed my aro dog meat they dun want to eat .. this kind of threads are just frivolous and does nothing to improve the hobby, by and large ... and is created solely for annoyance ..

Wat for add or minus rep points ? it's not abt wat for ? it's a system where to a certain extent, the moderation task is entrusted to the members, assuming the members are matured and can see the merits of this system.

Who is contributing, who is not can easily tell ? yes and no ... there's a herd instinct in here, and u know it too, how many times hv we tried to tell them crossbreeds, abt brand names, abt wat matters and wat not matters ... u ask urself, did it work ? did they take ur advice ? it is precisely because we're all individuals, having a mind of our own, that all of us, think wat we hv experienced as being correct and not being able to try and see the other view. I hv a question, is intense colouration or crossing considered the more important criteria in a xback ? no conclusive answer ..

the grouse that I expound .. who add me, who zap me ... this whining is basically the one single grouse tat I have abt the system ... for all the matured and thinking people around, there is always the frivolous ones too .. but we cannot abort or stop an idea just for these few people

i understand abt ur expressing opinions on this webby and sincerely, i appreciate it ...

it is however my responsibility to explain the merits in a system tat i see as something that can work ...

jwhtan 17-02-2005 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by neon

as for reputation point for some "normal" member...well...some might get very very high point they really contribute constructive postings in keepin arowana???some do,but some get their rep.point bcoz they are "famous" in certain forum.

whats constructive and whats now? any guideline??

telling that he/she found a formula in increasing shine in x back etc.. = constructive?

telling that he/she got alot of arowanas at home = experience+good aro keeper??

Wat is constructive ? wat is not ? no clear answer .. wat u see is constructive is constructive .. it is ur opinion .. this system entrust that decision making to you and you make the decision whether its constructive or not ..... yes, there is always room for improvement but first, the basics must be understood so that we're on the same wavelength ... again, its not abt right or wrong .. its abt opinions and to a certain extent, ur frens here. After all, this is a community, a community of fish lovers where we all want to make frens as well as learn more abt our chosen hobby

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